Hampton Bay Remotes

  1. Does the remote have a light that comes on or glows when you press a button on the remote? If not, try
  • Replace the batteries. Do you get a light on the remote now when you press a button? If not,
  • Check the programming. Is there any special programming to sync your remote with the fan? Is there a button on the fan? Check the manual that came with your fan.
  • Check the dip switches. Are they both set the right way? The remote has dip switches on the back of the remote, possibly under a panel. The fan would have dip switches inside the fan motor housing.
  1. If the light is coming on the remote now, and you have tried all the above troubleshooting, and still the fan does not respond to the remote,
  • You may need to check the internal wiring on the fan
  • The receiver on the fan may be bad.

Dip Switch Problems with Hampton Bay Remote

If your fan comes on by itself, or if you have two fans that both get turned on by the same remote, than you need to change your dipswitches. On the back of the remote, as well as in the fan housing, you’ll have a set of dip switches. These are switches that can be either pushed to a 0 or 1 position (up or down). In order for the remote to communicate with the fan, the dip switches both need to be set in the same direction.

Replacing a Hampton Bay Remote

If you’ve checked the batteries on the remote, checked the dip switches, and your fan remote is still not working, check the light. When you press the button the remote, does the light come on? If there is no light that comes on the remote at all, then it probably would be a good idea to replace the remote. If you have a Hampton Bay fan, then you should get a Hampton Bay remote to replace the existing.

If you don’t know what remote will work with your fan, than it’s usually best to get a universal remote. If you purchase a Hampton Bay universal remote, chances are higher than 80-85% that it will work with your Hampton Bay fan. These universal remotes work with other brands as well, but have the highest compatibility with other Hampton Bay fans.

Finding a Universal Hampton Bay Remote that works with my fan

If you don’t know what remote works with your fan, it may be best to look for a Hampton Bay Universal Fan Remote. If you purchase a Hampton Bay universal remote, chances are it will work with your Hampton Bay fan. To make sure, you can check the product details of the remote you are looking at. Typically it will say what fan it works with.

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